Amazing Discoveries in the East Nimba Nature Reserve

The road begins in Yekepa and is on rugged terrain, which eventually leads to a paved road up the mountain.The road was built in the 60s by LAMCO, the former iron ore mining company. There is an entrance gate to the mountain, controlled by the FDA. Sweet orange berries are found along the way, which are medicinal for healingl sores in and out of the body. Along the way, where you catch a first glimpse of the massive Nimba rainforest, is where the Nimba Fly Catcher nests. You will also see remnants of the Old Lamco structures along the way, including the six iron ore holding tanks where iron ore was stored, the old power plant used from the 60s to 90s, buildings, The hillside is covered with beautiful climbers and ferns, palm, The Bat Cave is an amazing discovery along the way where we see leaves used for thrash in children, another tree called magarangas bacterias used for healing stomach ailment, abeza zagat. The cave is an old LAMCO structure that the bats have made a home. An old LAMCO bucket greets you at the top of the large structure along with the sound of bats. It is a wow experience, that is not for the faint at heart. You see large equipments and it is pretty scary. It is quite a structure to behold and brave to walk in and see the bats roaming around inside of the structure. These equipments are over 50 years old. You can take some amazing photography in here. Passing more old structures, you see the beautiful green staircase of the former mine with fog lifting as smoke rising from a furnace at the point. Make a stop at the Blue Lake where any stone you throw will always boomerang away from the water. The blue green lake is at the foothill of the staircase green covered mountain. The mountain is surrounded by the lush rainforest of the East Nimba Nure Reserve. Atop the largest cliff of the mountain is a mist that blends the mountain with the sky. The range aound the mountain covered in mist with the dark green of the rainforest. A plum tree that bears twice a year hangs over the lake. Take a drive down to the camping site. Visitors camp, swim, picnic and enjoy the beautiful view of the Lake. There is an antique structure from the old LAMCO.
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