Edina Heritage Tour

EDINA ITINERARY Experience Edina heritage Tour by land or water, it’s your choice. By water, the tour begins at Upper Buchanan with visits to homes and churches built by freed blacks who migrated from the United States to Africa in search of a new home in the early 1800s. Board a boat at the bank of the Benson River for an amazingly serene ride on probably Africa’s only tri-confluence, where the Benson, St. John and Mechlin Rivers merge along mangroves, the Atlantic and beautiful natural landscapes. The ten to fifteen minutes boat ride lands in Edina, home to freed blacks who settled and raised their families including President Joseph J. Cheeseman, the 12tht President of Liberia from 1892 to 1896. With 1800s style homes and churches, monument and other artifacts, the walking tour is a moving experience into the life and times of early African Americans determined to build a life for themselves on the continent from which their ancestors were hauled in the 1700s. Board the boat again for a ride to the beach pass the mouth of the bar for lunch, swimming, lounging, beach volleyball, or fun will friends and family. End the tour by boarding the boat back to Upper Buchanan.