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Discover Surfing in Liberia

A rustic retreat for those seeking the tranquillity of an undiscovered paradise, Liberia is renowned for its world-class waves.

The opportunities for surfing in Liberia attract surfers from all over the world seeking to master the swells that have travelled unimpeded through the Atlantic to reach West Africa’s best surfing spot. The jewel in Liberia’s surfing crown is Robertsport, a three-hour drive from the capital, Monrovia, near the border of Sierra Leone. With year-round warm weather and long waves that peel along the coast in gorgeous arcs, Robertsport, with its five celebrated point breaks, is paradise for perfect bodysurfing, surfing, or sliding as the Liberians refer to it. The conditions are simply ideal for riding the long, evenly-spaced tapering lines that end their long journey on the pristine shores of this rustic and tranquil coastal retreat.

Located near Marshall City, Kokon Ecolodge is closer to Monrovia than Robertsport and has a wave that attracts beginners and experienced surfers alike. Kokon offers lessons and coaching for beginners and intermediate level surfers and rents surfboards.