• Robertsport


Visit Robertsport, the jewel in Liberia’s surfing crown, with year-round warm weather and long waves that peel along the coast in gorgeous arcs providing ideal conditions for bodysurfing, surfing, or sliding as the Liberians refer to it.

The historic cottonwood tree into which freed American slaves carved their names after landing on these shores from Norfolk in 1829 stands to this day on the beach providing shade to laidback campers, but it is the emerald bay beyond that’s the star of the show.

By day you’ll share the waves with the friendly locals, by night you’ll kick back at the beachside bar and restaurant with a sundowner and vibrant Liberian hipco tunes, tucking in to Liberia’s hearty dishes to fuel you for another exciting day in search of the next big wave.

The Robertsport Surf Club, partner of Swiss NGO Provide the Slide, is located right on the beach next door to Vartilda Beach Guesthouse and Philip's Guesthouse. Here, you may rent surfboards or sign up for a surf lesson. Additionally, the Surf Club has snack shop/restaurant provides food and drinks to hungry surfers and beachgoers. Become part of the fast-growing surf community of Liberia, rent a board, climb onto the rocks, and jump straight into the waves for a surfing experience you will never forget.

Don’t worry if you are not much of a surfer; Robertsport offers plenty to do. Make friends at Nana's Lodge, located at the edge of one of the best beaches of Robertsport. Visitors can play volleyball together in the sun, or beachgoers can rent an umbrella and lounge all day on the beautiful beach for a more relaxing activity. For the adventurous type, take a walk about an hour along the coast heading southwest from Nana's Lodge to the remnants of an old shipwreck.

Nearby the beach is the stunning tidal lagoon of Lake Piso, providing wonderful opportunities for keen fishermen who can rub shoulders with the local fishermen to bring in the catch of the day. Along with exploring its interesting World War II history, visitors can spend their days in its warm waters swimming. Visitors can hire a traditional canoe dug from a single tree to take a tour of the Lake Piso, which can be arranged through any of the guest houses.