• Marshall


Visit Marshall, just a short drive from Monrovia, where you’ll find several resort options for beach lovers who want to spend their days relaxing on palm-fringed golden shores or perhaps cooling off in the refreshing pools of one of the resorts.

But there’s lots more to do as you’ll come to discover, from joining the sea turtle beach patrol, helping community eco-guards with their work to protect sea turtles or perhaps visiting the Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary or exploring the nearby forests to spot some of the native species of bird, of which there are 200 here.

Head to the lagoon with a board or a kayak and paddle your way around its calm waters, or perhaps dive beneath the surface to admire the tropical fish and plants. You could even visit Monkey Island, which provides sanctuary to rescued chimpanzees.

Get to grips with Liberian culture during a visit to a local village to learn how the locals go about their day-to-day, or perhaps learn to cook the Liberian way. Rub shoulders with Liberian fishermen when you head down to the Fishing Village on the Farmington River and learn about their day-to-day as you head out on an exhilarating fishing and sightseeing your on their fishing boats.

There’s also cultural dance shows, masterclasses in traditional craft like tie and dye, wood carving and pottery, and much, much more.