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    Trekking and Hiking

Discover Trekking and Hiking in Liberia

Hiking in Liberia will allow you to channel your inner adventurer as you embark on an epic trek through the wilderness of West Africa you’ll never forget.

Whether you choose to tackle this unexplored paradise on foot, or by bike, you’ll know you’re one of few people that have tackled the landscapes of Liberia. From the tallest peak in West Africa where Liberia, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire converge to cascading waterfall hikes, this is fertile ground for intrepid explorers who want to pioneer beyond the beaten path to find a true remote treasure.

Embark on a true adventure along the rugged trails of Mount Nimba. Keen hikers, bikers and birders will be captivated by their journey through the thick rainforest and savannah, home to an unusually rich array of flora and fauna, with a few incredible surprises thrown in to make this one trek you’ll never forget. Dramatic and compelling, you’ll hear Kpatawee Waterfall long before you see it.

Cool off in its tumbling water after your trek to this hidden gem, just two hours from Monrovia. You’ll share this incredible setting with vividly colred butterflies and birds as you admire your lush rainforest surrounds and learn about local plants and their use in traditional medicine. For keen birders, there are hundreds of bird species recorded in the little-explored national parks of Sapo National Park and Gola National Park. Keep a keen eye out for the rare Gola Malimbe, White-necked Picathartes, Rufous Fishing-Owl and White-breasted Guinea fowl.

Nature lovers will also delight in the incredibly bio-diverse habitat for fauna and flora, new species of the latter still being discovered to this day. You’ll feel like a true explorer as you wander beneath its canopies and hidden fern fields yielding many natural treasures you could only dream of.