• Margibi County
    Margibi County

Discover Margibi County

Nestled along Liberia's central coastline, Margibi County is famed for its serene beaches and unhurried lifestyle. The area boasts wetlands, diverse wildlife, resorts, and the extensive Firestone Rubber Plantation. Kakata, the county capital, houses the Booker Washington Institute, Liberia's inaugural agricultural and vocational school, founded in 1929.

Just a 30-minute drive from Monrovia, Marshall offers a glimpse of a traditional fishing town and the chance to embark on a fishing boat to explore Margibi's rivers and wetlands. A captivating fishing and sightseeing boat ride on the Farmington River provides insight into local daily life.

Margibi's resorts, like the family-run Libassa Ecolodge, offer an enchanting setting for relaxation along palm-fringed shores. Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary, situated opposite the Ecolodge, offers informative tours highlighting Liberia's diverse species. For birders, Margibi's wetlands and forests host 200 bird species.

The county's vibrant culture shines through local dances and classes in traditional crafts, such as tie and dye, wood carving, and pottery. Cherish your trip in Margibi County, a Liberian sanctuary radiating charm.

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    Kokon Ecolodge

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  • Hotel, Resort in Marshall

    Libassa Ecolodge