• Monrovia


Visit Monrovia and soak up all the energy of this vibrant African city, where nothing beats a refreshing drink as you watch the sun dip gloriously into the Atlantic.

Liberia’s buzzing capital is equally a boon for history buffs, who will adore a deep dive into this country’s unique past. The National Museum of Liberia opened in 1958 and displays the country’s most comprehensive collection of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts. 

You’ll see and feel the joy and excitement of freedom throughout the city, from historic mansions and freed slave settlements to antique stone churches still intact. You can visit the Centennial Pavilion, built in 1947, where Liberia inaugurates its Presidents. The gravesite of William V.S. Tubman, Liberia’s 18th and longest-serving president, is also here.

And then there’s the cuisine – spicy and rich in every way. The savory smell of spices swirls down every street corner. Monrovia offers many experiences to appreciate its vibrant landscape and culture. Grab a kekeh and ride up to the highest point in Monrovia for a 360-degree view of the city from the JJ Roberts Monument and the Ducor Palace, a former five-star hotel. Or head to the art galleries of Mamba Point and Waterside Market for a busy and colorful afternoon of shopping.

Just outside the city, it’s a short trip to scenic beaches on the Atlantic, such as Silver Beach and Tropicana Beach. Providence Island, where freed American enslaved people first disembarked in Liberia, sits just north of the city center.