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Bomi County, situated in the northwestern part of Liberia, is a little paradise and the ancestral home of the Gola tribe (although at least 18 tribes live within its borders). It boasts an abundance of natural resources and was one of the first places for iron ore mining in Liberia.

Just 41 miles from the bustling capital city of Monrovia, Bomi County is a convenient destination from the capital. Bomi broke away from Montserrado County in 1983 into a separate entity. Its capital, Tubmanburg, is in the heart of the former mining lands and houses 13,144 people. Today, most of Bomi's economy is based on agriculture, and a drive through the county's farms reveals bountiful crops of cassava, sweet potatoes, plantains, and more. Bomi County is a melting pot of groups with unique customs. Be sure to try Wolor, a soup made from ground okra - it's a must for any foodie visiting Liberia.

Bomi means "light" in the Gola language, and brilliant sunlight flows through many of its natural wonders. The Blue Lake, a lake formed from an old mining pit, is a highlight for travelers to Bomi. Located in the rolling hills just north of Tubmanburg, Blue Lake displays fresh waters of the purest blue hue. The Lofa and Saint Paul rivers form Bomi County's natural borders, creating stunning bird habitats.

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