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Discover Beaches in Liberia

Liberia beaches are uncrowded and unspoilt. This idyllic coastline stretches hundreds of miles fringed by thick rainforest and mangroves that spill out on to the golden sands to meet the tumbling warm waves of the Atlantic.

Slow it right down and enjoy the laidback surfer vibe of Robertsport, where surfers at all levels will adore the rolling Atlantic swells that tumble on to these remote and uncrowded golden shores. You’ll discover a paradise of endless waves, lush rainforest and absolute tranquillity, whether you’ve come to surf or simply crave a peaceful tropical retreat. Beach lovers will love nothing more than to relax in the beautiful coastal setting of Marshall – expansive beaches are fringed by palm forests and mangrove swamps, making this a truly special and remote tropical retreat for explorers who want to get away from it all.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit Monkey Island, a home to a troupe of feisty chimps. Today the ruins of antebellum mansions in Harper, Cape Palmas, remain as a testament of the town’s Americo-Liberian heritage, but its magnificent unexploited beaches, swaying coconut palms and warm water makes it an unpretentious beach and fishing getaway if you’re willing to make the effort to get there.