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In the southeastern part of Liberia, Maryland County has much history and beauty to explore. Visitors to this county will first be captivated by Cape Palmas. A site with natural and historical importance, this rocky peninsula was first settled in 1834 and was designated the Republic of Maryland. In 1857, it was merged into what is now Liberia.

Those interested in furthering their knowledge of Liberian culture and history can also visit the gothic home of former president William Tubman, The William Tubman Mansion, or the Cape Palmas Lighthouse, which provides a beautiful view of the cape. A few historic churches in Harper City, Maryland’s capital, are a must-see for those interested in Liberia’s early history, such as the Mount Scott Methodist Church and the St. Mark Episcopal Church. 

Beaches and water activities also abound in Maryland County. Nature-oriented visitors can find their way to the beautiful Lake Sheppard, a shallow-water lagoon located just outside the city of Harper, to enjoy the serene views and the beautiful environment. Immediately to the west of Cape Palmas is the estuary of the Hoffman River and further along the coast to the east, the Cavalla River empties into the sea, marking the border between Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire. For a day by the water on a palm-lined beach, check out Fish Town Beach.

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