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Sinoe, the third-largest Liberian county, boasts abundant natural resources like gold, diamonds, and timber. It's characterized by a lengthy coastline with white sandy beaches, lush greenery, and waterfalls. Notably, Sapo National Park resides here, the nation's first and largest protected area.

Sapo National Park contains an untouched expanse of verdant rainforest as the second-largest primary tropical rainforest in West Africa. The park hosts populations of western chimpanzees, pygmy hippos, and red colobus monkeys, alongside elusive African Forest Elephants. With 590 bird species—over half of Europe's count—Sapo is a haven for birders. To experience it, visitors can stay at Sapo Ecolodge or camp with Forestry Development Authority (FDA) arrangements. Guided hikes in the park and canoe trips on the Sinoe River are facilitated by FDA and Sapo Ecolodge.

Sinoe, originally a "Mississippi-in-Africa" colony, was founded by freedmen from Natchez, Mississippi, under the American Colonization Society. The county's hub, Greenville, showcases local crafts and features Liberia's third-largest port. This mystical county offers diverse activities, from Sapo National Park treks to port and beach visits. Despite the distance from Monrovia, Sinoe County is an essential Liberian destination.

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