Travel in Liberia and you’ll discover an unchartered territory

A little-known and largely unexplored haven for adventurers, delivering on all your dreams of being free to discover one of Africa’s last frontiers.

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Embark on a journey of discovery to an unexplored frontier when you enjoy these incredible experiences in Liberia, ranging from trekking to surfing.

Liberia Top 10

This little-known country truly is a land of “unique West African discoveries” – a wildly attractive adventure for outdoor active explorers and travellers seeking out its incredible and unique water sport and nature experiences.

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Explore Liberia’s Wildlife: Five Unique West African Species

Looking for adventure and a chance to explore unique wildlife? Look no further than Liberia! Boasting one of Earth's most diverse ecosystems, Liberia is home to 140 mammal species, 600 bird species, and 75 amphibian and reptile species. Whether you're a casual wildlife enthusiast or a dedicated conservationist, Liberia offers unparalleled opportunities to discover and engage with its extraordinary wildlife.

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Kokon Ecolodge: Liberia's Newest Hidden Gem

Beyond narrow, winding waterways lined with mangroves lies Liberia's newest hidden gem: Kokon Ecolodge, a slice of paradise nestled between the wetlands and the waves of the Atlantic. The resort officially opened its doors to the public on April 22, 2023, to much excitement from the Liberian travel community. It has broken ground in many ways: the facility has pledged to run 100% on solar power, strictly manage water usage, source food...

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A Chat with One of Liberia’s Best Surfers

If you haven’t heard of the legendary waves of Liberia, you are missing out! The year-round warm weather and excellent waves attract surfers from around the world and develop local world-class surfers. In this blog, we learn about the life story of the current champion surfer of Liberia, Morris Sheriff, and how to take surf lessons in Liberia.

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