Wakolor Mountain Hike

The many sounds of birds, like the Hornbill, are heard in the mountain. Along the hike, are spots where friends can gather and commune within the beautiful natural setting. The trek can be described as an exploration up the 300 feet Wakorlor Mountain, with an abundance of untouched flora and fauna. Some of the biodiversity along the way include interesting trees, for example one that is used for dice making. There is an old canon in the mountain, dating over a century old, which history says was used to protect the territorial waters of Liberia. Former graduates of Episcopal High School and House of Bethany have their names placed on stones. Young student nearly 75 to 100 years ago climbed mountain and carved their names into stones that are located at the peak of the Wakolor Mountain. Some of these names recognizable today because they rose to become top officials and prominent citizens of Liberia. At this location is a clearing, excellent for day and overnight camping.