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Five Perfect Days in the West African Country of Liberia

Posted on Thu January 25, 2024.

Traveling to Liberia? This blog tells you everything you need to know about how to spend five perfect days in this beautiful West African country. This itinerary does not account for travel days. With that in mind, book a ten-day trip to Liberia and enjoy an entire day in each of the five Liberian gems detailed below.

Day 1: Explore Monrovia 

Monrovia, the lively capital of Liberia, boasts a wealth of hidden treasures awaiting exploration by visitors. Delve into the city's profound ties with the United States by immersing yourself in its historical landmarks, including Providence Island and the Joseph Jenkins Roberts monument—a tribute to Liberia’s first president and the world's first African American President.

Providence Island serves as a poignant reminder of the past, being the departure point for countless Africans forcibly uprooted from their homes and sold into slavery. Additionally, it holds historical significance as one of the first landing sites for approximately 16,000 freed formerly enslaved African Americans from the United States in the 1800s.

Monrovia offers a diverse range of experiences, from shopping and dining to relaxation and excitement. Witness the vibrant and at times chaotic sites at Waterside Market, or explore the stands near Mamba Point Hotel to discover traditional Liberian handicrafts. For a refreshing escape from city life, Monrovia's beaches, including Tropicana Beach, welcome visitors to unwind and recharge.

                       Location: Monrovia, Liberia; Photographer: Rami Ramitto, @theramiramitto

Day 2: Surf in Robertsport

Following the end of Liberia's second Civil War in 2003, the country gradually became a destination again for curious travelers. Among them were three Americans seeking the thrill of riding the impressive left-handed waves in Robertsport, a small fishing town in the Northwest. These American visitors played a pivotal role in introducing surfing to Liberia, with one such Robertsport local, Alfred Lomax, receiving instruction and subsequently becoming one of Liberia's pioneer surfers.

Taking it upon himself to spread the sport, Lomax became a surfing mentor in the community, passing on his skills to individuals like Philip Banini. Banini, now the manager of the beloved Philip’s Guesthouse in Robertsport, has embraced the role of teaching both locals and visitors the art of surfing.

Adjacent to Philip's guesthouse is The Robertsport Surf Club. This hub offers the convenience of renting surfing and signing up for a surf lesson. Additionally, a cafe/restaurant serves food and drinks to surfers and beach goers. Dive into the burgeoning surf tourism scene, borrow a board from The Robertsport Surf Club, and experience the waves, authenticity and love for surfing that Robertsport has to offer.

If surfing isn't your forte, fear not, as Robertsport has much more to offer. Immerse yourself in the warm camaraderie of Nana's Lodge, situated on one of Robertsport's stunning beaches. Founded by former soccer player Musa Shannon fourteen years ago, Nana's Lodge serves as the spot to gather, with a sand volleyball net and lounges available for chilling and having a drink.

Robertsport is a three- to four-hour drive from Monrovia, depending on the season and the condition of the dirt road that leads to Robertsport from the paved road that heads north from Monrovia. If you don't have your own transportation, you can hire a car and driver in Monrovia. Taking a private or public taxi from Monrovia or Duala Market on the north side of Monrovia are also popular options. 

Location: Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount, Liberia; Photo credit: Solimar International

Day 3: Kpatawee Waterfalls

Just three hours’ drive from Monrovia, the Kpatawee Waterfalls is a favorite swimming and picnic spot for locals and visitors alike. Spend a night at Kpatawee Waterfalls Resort to absorb the full extent of the beautiful nature in Kpatawee. These waterfalls are a nature lovers' paradise, surrounded by dense rainforest. 

Josephine S. Richardson is the creative visionary behind the establishment of Kpatawee Waterfalls Resort. Here, you may rent a cozy triangular hut with a bathroom. During your stay at Kpatawee Waterfalls Resort, you can engage in various uniquely Liberian activities. For example, you can learn how to cook delicious Liberian dishes. If you don’t delight in cooking, you can hire a guide to take you on a hike through the forest and up to a second waterfall. After experiencing a full day of water and sun, you can hang out around the bonfire or settle into your hut or tent for the night. 

Kpatawee Waterfalls is just about a 30-minute drive from Gbarnga, the capital of Bong County, or about a three-hour drive from Monrovia and Roberts International Airport. The majority of the trip from Monrovia is on a paved road; however, the last few kilometers are on a dirt road and road conditions may vary depending on the season. 

              Location: Kpatawee Falls, Kpatawee, Bong County; Photographer: Kunal Chotrani, @1world1vibe

Day 4: Discover Unique Wildlife in East Nimba 

If you are more inclined to be active on your trip to Liberia, the East Nimba Nature Reserve is the perfect place to venture. Hiking to the peak of the reserve results in a panoramic view of three West African countries. However, hiking is just a small token of what tourists may experience in this destination. The wildlife and birdlife in the East Nimba Nature Reserve can be found nowhere else. The largest butterfly in Africa, the African Giant Swallowtail, can be found here, alongside 100 different species of orchid. 

Furthermore, there is a history of mining in the reserve for travelers seeking to learn new Liberian facts on their trail. The Blue Lake used to be an old mining pit, and mythology states that if you throw metal into the lake, it will bounce back into your hands.

Of all of Liberia’s protected areas, ENNR is one of the easiest to reach, as the majority of the journey from Monrovia is on paved roads (from Monrovia to Ganta). There are accommodations near the reserve in Sanniquellie, such as Jackie’s Guesthouse, and a few in Yekepa, closer to the reserve. 

Location: East Nimba Nature Reserve, Nimba County; Photographer: Solimar International

Day 5: Libassa Ecolodge 

Book a night at the Libassa Ecolodge to complete the perfect trip to Liberia. This ecolodge is located near the Roberts International Airport. It allows tourists to unwind by the pool or beach after a week of fun-filled activities. Hop into the lazy river, soak up the Liberian sun, and float along the water with your family and friends. At night, head to the restaurant and try local and international food with your favorite cocktail. 

If you are still in the mood for activities, Libassa Ecolodge can fill your day with enjoyable activities. For example, the ecolodge provides tours through its neighboring wildlife sanctuary, Liberian cooking classes, bonfires, a Liberian dance show, and so much more. Click here to see more activities that Libassa Ecolodge can organize for your stay.

                                 Libassa Ecolodge; Photographer: Rami Raitto @theramiramitto