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Surfing the West African Coast: All You Need to Know about Surfing in Robertsport, Liberia

Posted on Thu February 29, 2024.

Robertsport, Liberia, is a surfer's paradise for its impressive (and practically empty) left-hand breaks. You'll primarily share the waves in this little West African fishing village with surf-loving local youth. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a novice looking for an exhilarating experience, Robertsport offers an abundance of surf spots, thrilling waves, and a vibrant surf culture.

Here's your guide to surfing in Robertsport, Liberia!

Robertsport is a Motherland of Surfing in Liberia 

Robertsport, a coastal town just three hours from Monrovia, is a notable hub for surfing in Liberia. Introduced in the early 2000s by American expatriates after Liberia's second civil war, surfing quickly gained popularity in Robertsport. The Robertsport Surf Club, established by dedicated organizations and individuals, has played a crucial role in fostering a passionate surfing community. Though the surf culture in Liberia is still in its early stages, it has been growing, attracting surf tourists from around the world. Initiatives like the Robertsport Surf Club contribute to the sport's accessibility among the community. 

The Robertsport Surf Clubs provides boards for local youth to practice their turns every afternoon, Photo credit: Royda Urey

Best Time to Surf in Robertsport

Liberia experiences a consistently hot and tropical climate with two distinct seasons: a rainy season from May to October and a dry season from November to April. The daily temperatures range from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius (79 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round. In Robertsport, surfing is available throughout the year, with swells from the South Atlantic, more frequent from April to October. For guaranteed swells, July-August is recommended, while those seeking good weather with less rain should consider March-April. Overall, visitors can enjoy surfing in Robertsport year-round, ensuring an unforgettable experience regardless of the chosen time to visit.

How to Get to Robertsport

View from a hill in Uptown neighborhood of Robertsport where most accommodations are located, Photo credit: Solimar International

Robertsport is a three- to five-hour drive from Monrovia, depending on the season and the condition of the dirt road that leads to the small fishing village from the paved road that heads north from Monrovia. As you get closer to Robertsport, Lake Piso will appear to your right, and you’ll get to enjoy views of its beautiful waters for nearly 30 miles before arriving in Robertsport. 

One option for traveling to Robertsport is to hire a car and driver in Monrovia for your entire stay in Robertsport. Hotels in Monrovia can arrange car hires. Another option is to hire a private taxi from Monrovia or Roberts International Airport. As of 2024, the cost for a private taxi is around $150 for one-way. The third option is to take a shared taxi from Duala Market, located in the northwest corner of Monrovia. There is a pick-up and drop-off area in the market where customers wait until a taxi fills up. Be prepared to share the taxi with five others and their luggage. The cost of this option is about $15.

Where to Stay in Robertsport

Surfing in Liberia, particularly Robertsport, is gaining recognition as a surf destination. Still, there are only a few options for accommodations. Options catering to the growing interest in surfing include guest houses like Philip’s Guest House and Vartilda’s Beach Guest House or the Robertsport Surf Club, which offers platforms for tents and a restaurant. These establishments provide an exceptional and memorable experience as you will likely meet other surfers and open-minded travelers. 

Robertsport Surf Club, Liberia; Photographer: Solimar International

Moreover, the Robertsport Surf Club plays a pivotal role in supporting locals and visitors with the necessary equipment and guidance to fully embrace the surfing culture, as well as breaking down barriers and fostering a community spirit where "surfers support surfers.” Collaborating with organizations like Provide the Slide, the club has made contributions by supplying surfboards to the local youth. This initiative not only fosters inclusivity and engagement within the community but also offers practical access to surf equipment for those who might not have it otherwise. 

Provide the Slide sends used surf boards to Robertsport to supply the growing local surf community with boards, Photo credit: Solimar International

Where to Get a Surfboard and Lesson in Robertsport

The Robertsport Surf Club is the place to go for surfboard rentals in Robertsport, catering to surfers of all skill levels, including beginners. You can rent a surfboard for just $10. For those interested in combining their board rental with a lesson, the club provides a comprehensive package at $20, making the first surf experience accessible for beginners. The club's staff is helpful and knowledgeable, assisting in selecting appropriate surfboards and providing insights into local surf conditions.

Liberia’s Best Waves in Robertsport

Inner Cottons, Robertsport, Liberia; Photographer: Solimar International

Robertsport in Liberia stands out as an appealing destination for surfers, and several factors contribute to its allure. Robertsport offers diverse waves, ranging from gentle beach breaks to powerful point breaks. Liberia's waves are notably characterized by consistent and reliable swell patterns, providing surfers with a varied and engaging experience. But it's not just about the waves; Robertsport also stands out for what's missing—crowds, allowing for an undisturbed connection with the coastline's natural beauty. Beyond the surf, Liberia's cultural history adds another layer of uniqueness to the experience. The nation's rich and diverse heritage is palpable in its food, music, and people. Engaging in surfing in Liberia presents not only a physical adventure but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture, establish new connections, and explore lesser-known sides of the country.

Surfing Spots in Robertsport

When it comes to surfing spots in Robertsport, there are plenty of options. Now, let's explore the expanded list of surf spots with left-handed breaks:

1. Fisherman’s
Renowned for having the longest wave in Robertsport, Fisherman’s is a beloved choice for both locals and tourists alike. Its name is a nod to its location on a beach where fishermen take in and store their boats. The extended wave varies between 2 to 4 feet in height. Fisherman's is a popular spot for local children to learn to surf, thanks to its smaller waves and sandy bottom. Occasionally, when a substantial swell arrives from the right direction, even seasoned surfers can revel in perfect barrels at this location.

Fisherman's Spot, Photo credit: Solimar International

2. Inner Cottons
Named after a towering cotton tree that graces the beach, Inner Cottons is a fantastic and easily accessible surfing spot. Situated just outside Nana's Lodge, this well-frequented spot doesn't require venturing too far, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists. With some practice, surfers can leap off the rocks into the water to catch the waves. Every day, local youth gather here, riding the waves and dashing along the beach to launch off the rocks for more fun.

Young surfers playing around at Inner Cottons, Photo Credit: Solimar International

3. Outer Cottons
A bit farther from shore compared to Inner Cottons, Outer Cottons lives up to its name. This challenging point break is worth the paddle on a good day. With waves typically ranging from 3 to 5 feet and occasionally forming very hollow breaks, Outer Cottons is reserved for experienced surfers seeking a greater challenge. When conditions align perfectly, the two sections of Inner Cottons and Outer Cottons connect, creating a wave that can span half a mile. In rare instances, this wave connects to Fisherman’s, a mile away.

4. Shipwreck
Surfers head to Shipwreck when Inner and Outer Cottons are not working. Shipwreck is a short walk along the beach southwest of Cottons. It's a reliable spot for a good, fun wave.

Shipwreck surf spot, Photo credit: Solimar International 

5. Locos/El Loco
A left break with reliably consistent conditions, Locos is another fantastic surfing spot in Robertsport. Facing southwest, it is somewhat exposed to the wind. This spot is approximately a half-hour walk from accommodations in Robertsport.

6. Jayagi
Jayagi is about a 2-hour walk along the beach southwest of Nana’s Beach in Robertsport. Even though this spot requires quite the hike, it is a favorite among locals and tourists.

Walking to Jayagi surf spot, Photo credit: Solimar International

Liberia Surfing Resources

To plan your Liberia surfing adventures, check out these resources:

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, Liberia offers a truly unique and exciting surf experience that is not to be missed. Embrace the Ultimate Surfing Guide and get ready to discover some of the world's most unique and untapped waves and experience a new culture like never before. the Ultimate Surfing Guide and get ready to discover some of the world's most unique and untapped waves and experience a new culture like never before.

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