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Set Sail for Adventure: Discover Fishing in Liberia, West Africa

Posted on Thu April 25, 2024.

Liberia is a perfect place to fish, with a rich marine biodiversity and 680 km of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. This West African fishing hub spans from the shrimp-abundant Shebro grounds near the Sierra Leone border in the west to the Cavalla River Basin along the Côte d'Ivoire border in the east. Read on to learn about one of Liberia's best fishing charters, Extreme Fishing Liberia, and what to expect on a day out fishing in Liberian waters.

Liberian waters are famous for their biodiversity, home to 456 fish species. The most common fish species include Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado (also known as Dolphin), Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and Tarpon. There are several fishing grounds in Liberia, but the most popular among sport fishermen is the Continental Shelf, which is about 20 miles off the coast of Liberia. 

As you travel around Liberia, one thing becomes clear: fishing is deeply connected to the way of life. In the morning, fishermen bring in their daily catch in dug-out canoes in towns and villages along the Atlantic coast. 

                   Fanti fishermen's fishing boats in Marshall City; Photo credit: Peter Damerell

Liberia's First Sport Fishing Charter

Capt Flash, with the support of his brother Mart Keshen, opened Extreme Fishing Liberia, Liberia's first sport fishing charter. Capt Flash started his fishing journey in Liberia as a teenager. He loved being by the river and was inspired by the ocean's beauty and marine life. He began with personal fishing, and later, people around him got interested, so he started taking people on group tours where they could see dolphins, whales, and birds. Capt Flash was fascinated by the ocean and wanted to share it with people. 

               Captain Flash explaining the itinerary for the day out in the Atlantic Ocean

Capt Flash has been practicing fishing for 25 years and doing charters for about 15, turning his passion into a thriving business. Extreme Fishing is a Liberian-owned company that practices responsible fishing and follows ethical guidelines under the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). To ensure fair and sustainable fishing, Extreme Fishing Liberia uses only IGFA-approved equipment and does not use nets that can significantly harm marine ecosystems. Moreover, they weigh and measure fish, releasing small fish. They also use ethical bait and lures. 

                Extreme Fishing Liberia’s fishing boat

Fishing Season in Liberia 

Liberia has two seasons:

  • May to mid-November: Characterized by hot, humid weather and heavy rainfall.
  • November to April: Characterized by dry weather with hot days and cool nights.

The best season for fishing is the dry season, which lasts six to seven months, and the amount of seafood traded is six times higher than during the rainy season. However, the fishing season typically starts a bit earlier in October and lasts till May. The amount of seafood traded is six times higher than during the rainy season. While marlin can be caught year-round, peak concentrations of many fish are typically observed from October to May. This time of the year is a magnet for many fishermen looking for abundant fish.

Whale and Dolphin Watching in Liberia

Extreme Fishing Liberia doesn't just offer encounters with enormous fish but also with dolphins, whales, and sea turtles. Tourists aboard Aquaholic will be able to witness playful displays by dolphins and whales, stealing the spotlight during nearly 80% of the fishing time. Extreme Fishing Liberia also offers nature tours if fishing isn't your thing. 

                Spotting Dolphins on Capt Flash’s boat; Photo courtesy of Extreme Fishing Liberia

Killer and Humpback whales can sometimes be seen in Liberia, making it an exciting sight for tourists exploring the West Coast of Africa. These magnificent creatures frequent the waters off Angola, Liberia, Gabon, and São Tomé, drawn to the region's rich marine life for feeding and breeding.

Killer whales are the largest dolphins, and Humpback whales are known for their songs and acrobatics. To compare their size to humans, Killer whales can be as long as a bus, up to 32 feet (~10 meters), while Humpback whales can reach around 52 feet (~16 meters) as big as a four-story building.

Grand Slam Fishing in Liberia

There are few places in the world where anglers can fulfill their dream of completing the “Grand Slam,” “Super Grand Slam,” and even the “Fantasy Slam” at the same location. Liberia's rich waters are the perfect setting for this ambitious feat, making it an exciting destination for those seeking the thrill of landing big games on a memorable fishing trip.

As defined by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA):

  • Grand Slam: Achieved by catching three species in one day.
  • Super Grand Slam: Achieved by catching four different species in one day.
  • Fantasy Slam: Accomplished by catching five different species in a single day.

In the world of sport fishing, achieving a Fantasy Slam is the ultimate dream for anglers, representing a remarkable feat of skill and luck. While the IGFA may label it a "fantasy," this dream can become a reality in Liberian waters. Fishing enthusiasts can pursue the "Big Five," which includes the Atlantic blue marlin, Atlantic sailfish, tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo in Liberia. These species are highly prized and challenging to catch.

                Blue Marlin in the Atlantic Ocean

Fishing and Ocean Tours in Liberia

The owner of Extreme Fishing Liberia shared that anglers often have a blast catching big fish during their trips. With Capt Flash and his experienced crew leading the way, they know where to find the best fishing spots and the right tackle and bait to ensure you have a great time fishing! Liberia has become one of the world's leading sport fishing destinations. Anglers can catch blue and striped marlin, with blue marlin typically weighing between 400 and 700 pounds (181 and 317 kg). The largest fish caught in Liberia within the Extreme Fishing Club was 435 kg or 959 pounds, visually twice the size of an average man! 

But what sets Extreme Fishing Liberia apart is the strategic use of multiple GoPro and action cameras around the boat. After the trip, guests receive photos and videos of their unforgettable fishing adventures. "Our trips are unique because they're full of fun. Right from the beginning, it's an experience that nobody else offers. It's always a good vibe on the boat, where people are having fun. It's more like a day of excitement rather than just a fishing trip," shares Capt Flash.

          Catching the fishing excitement with action cameras; Photo courtesy of Extreme Fishing Liberia

Extreme Fishing Liberia has ocean trip packages that cater to everyone's preferences! Beginners can learn about bait selection, meet dolphins, spot schools of fish, and watch whales. Professionals can choose more extreme and longer trips. Families can enjoy children's activities such as swimming, games, and wildlife viewing. Plus, delicious meals and snacks are served throughout the journey for everyone to enjoy!

Experience a Day with Extreme Fishing Liberia

Experience a day with Extreme Fishing Liberia. A full package trip begins at 7.45 a.m. with a warm welcome at the marina's sunset deck, offering a stunning sunrise and fresh coffee before boarding the luxurious boat bound for the Intercontinental Shelf, an area with depths of 300 feet (~100 meters).

This full-day marine experience includes delicious food and cold beverages provided onboard and all the necessary fishing equipment for a fishing adventure. After a successful day of fishing, which ends at 4 p.m., guests can unwind at the marina with a barbecue on the pier, sharing fishing tales in a relaxed setting that fosters camaraderie among visitors.

Beyond fishing, Extreme Fishing Liberia offers a complete destination experience at their marina, featuring accommodations, a restaurant, a bar, pools, playgrounds, and basketball courts.

The business is in Virginia, near Monrovia in the Extreme Fishing Resort/Marina. Where guests can enjoy cold drinks, BBQs, and freshly caught fish in a cozy atmosphere. For those looking to extend their stay, guest houses with two rooms accommodating up to four people are available. Transportation can be arranged, with a dedicated car service ensuring a smooth transition from the airport. They also assist in organizing visas, transfers, and other necessary support.

How to Book a Fishing Trip in Liberia

The trip to an unforgettable fishing experience begins on Extreme Fishing's user-friendly website. Whether you gather a group of at least 5 for a private expedition or join others on a shared boat, Extreme Fishing Liberia guarantees a memorable experience. 

Here is how you can book a trip easily!

  • Visit their website and select the 'book a trip' option. 
  • Contact Extreme Fishing Liberia:

Want more visual inspiration for your trip? Explore their adventures on Extreme Fishing's Instagram and Facebook, where they share informative and beautiful photos and videos.

Extend your trip in Liberia

Extreme Fishing Liberia provides additional options for those interested in river trips, such as Saint Paul River, Lofa River, and Lake Piso tours. These places are home to rich and diverse wildlife, promising a distinctive experience for enthusiasts. The range of trips extends from short durations, such as half-day or hourly, to daily ventures and weekend getaways. These trip packages can be tailored according to individual preferences. 

Whether you're an experienced angler or a curious tourist visiting Liberia, Extreme Fishing welcomes you aboard.