Blue Lake

The moment you begin to escalate the Bomi Mountain; excitement builds at the first sight of the painted boulder that says Blue Lake. You know something big, new, and amazing is around the curve. For returning visitors, that feeling never changes. The Blue Lake in the small northwestern county of Tubmanburg, Bomi County makes for a perfect day trip from Monrovia.

The crystal blue lake, lush rainforest and mountain make for fun in the sun land and water adventures. Historically, the Blue Lake was once an iron ore-mining site of the Liberia Mining Company, a British American iron ore mining company. The Company, while mining the rich Bomi Mountain, drilled nearly 5,000 feet deep in pursuit of blue diamonds, according to locals, discovered in the iron ore mine. As they dug, water began emerging to uncontrollable levels covering light poles, vehicles and equipment, ultimately shutting down mining activities leaving behind an amazing lake destination. Today, visitors enjoy viewing beautiful fish species amidst rock formations, picnicking, grilling, swimming, lounging and fishing.

Adventure seekers explore, hike, and camp out in the thick canopy forest of mountain range. Tours are also offered. The Blue Lake Management Team provides tours, security services and bookings to the Blue Lake and Mountains.