Extreme Fishing

Board one of Captain Flash’s beautiful boats from the Saint Paul River on an Extreme Fishing adventure that is sure to be one of your most memorable amazing discoveries. The tours take off through quiet and serene mangroves of the Saint Paul River that connects with the historical Stockton Creek, Rock Island and the Atlantic Ocean. Each Extreme experience is an adventure of its own. Extreme Fishing adventures are offshore and inshore fishing and viewing trips to any point across Liberia.

Once on the Ocean, you get a picturesque view of Bushrod Island, Ducor Palace and more. Dolphins and whale viewing trips are available year round. The trips are exhilarating, and lots of fun where after crossing the barmouth you can see interesting marine life. Fishing adventures bring on that adrenalin rush when you might more than likely hook a 1000-pound catch.

Sport fishing takes off at 8am and is an all day adventure where the boat is constantly moving around. There are relaxing trips for those who only want to chill and party on the boat. A variety of trips are offered; however, most popular are the offshore trips. Extreme Fishing uses regularly serviced American made boats. With over 17 years on the sea, Captain Flash love for the Ocean began with his dad on the river and he himself conducts the tours. Extreme Fishing started as a hobby on a tiny boat that he built. Packages range from themed to all-inclusive packages that include accommodations and more.

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