Farmers' Paradise at Wulki Farms

A tour of the 400 acres Wulki Farms takes visitors through acres and acres of green beautiful cascading hills and valleys on an exciting tour of agro-tourism at its finest. Established 1998 in historic Careysburg, Wulki Farms offers guests a chance to view exotic birds as the Ostrich and peacock, the cutest selection of rabbits, walk a chicken coup with thousands of chickens including layers, Liberian chickens, quails and the entire process of raising chicks. Take a stroll through the piggery and get a glimpse into the life of these interesting animals. Discover the ‘how to’ of organic farming by visiting the vegetable farm with beds upon beds of beautiful lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, exotic peppers, and basil.

Dine under the passion fruit garden where the sweetest fruits can just be picked by tipping toes, or check out the papaya and guava gardens. Off course, these are all turned into juice, so check out the juice making process. There is nothing more exciting than horseback or donkey riding around this beautiful piece of ‘Farmer’s Paradise.” Enjoy a round of golf on the 9-hole green, tennis, basketball or take a dip in one of three pools, with a built in pool bar overlooking Careysburg. There is an on-site bar and restaurant and overnight chalets for those who want to stay longer.

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