Liberia Surf Association/Vartilda Guest House Tours

Robertsport is considered Liberia best surfing destination. With six point breaks in walking distance of each other, Robertsport has amazing opportunities for surf packages for any and everyone. The reasons Robertsport has been rated as one of the best places in the world for surfing is simply because the waves are great. There are natural, point and beach breaks. The six breaks are: Fisherman Point where you find the longest break. Outside Cotton Tree considered one of the two best points for surfing Inside Cotton Tree considered the other best point for surfing. Ship Rock is a pick up point for big waves. Local is where surfers go when waves pick up. Jayagi home to the biggest waves. There is growing population of young Liberian surfers for training, competitions, tours, and exhibitions. The surf resorts, camping areas, mountains, Lake, islands, villages, and culture are great added values for developing surfing packages.